Do not be put on the wrong track

September 22, 2017

With the following list we will arm you against the amount of false, illegal and often dangerous second passport and second nationality programs that are offered in cyberspace and put you in a better position to make the right choice.
Identity theft

The birth certificate and documents of someone else are used, with the help of a corrupt official in an office that delivers passports.

Stolen and unregistered passports

This second passport is the most dangerous and is likely to be discovered. An office worker steals blank passports and issues them himself, without registering them in government computers. So far so good as long as no one realizes that this passport is missing, which won´t take long. Those in possession of such a second passport encounter serious problems when those passports are reported as stolen in police databases.

Registered second passports

The corrupt official goes through a regular application and registers everything in government computers. This can go on for a number of years until the corrupt official is unmasked and his work declared invalid. Many countries have introduced new procedure to avoid this kind of fraud by double-checking applications.

Semi-official second passport

Many countries grant citizenship to strangers who have been living in the country for a number of years. With the necessary dollar or Euro bills handed to the immigration officer, the necessary waiting period of 5 years may change into 5 minutes. A false declaration is made that the person arrived in the country 5 years before and the second passport and the second nationality are granted instantly. This game can continue until these malpractice’s are revealed.

Shadow second passport

These second passport programs exist next to the official economic citizenship programs and are committed by corrupt officials, taking advantage of the credibility of the official program.

Camouflage second passport

The documents are not illegal and are widely advertised on cyberspace. These companies offer second passports from countries that no longer exist and changed their name.

– British Honduras ( now : Belize)
– Burma ( now : Union of Myanmar)
– Dutch Guiana ( now : Suriname)
– Spanish Guinea ( now : Equatorial Guinea)
– Zanzibar ( Now Part of Tanzania)
– North Rhodesia ( Now : Zambia)
– South Rhodesia ( Now : Zimbabwe)
– New Granada ( Now Columbia)
– British West Indies ( Now : the independent Islands Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Dominica, Granada, Jamaica, Saint Kitts en Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent en The Grenadines, Trinidad en Tobago)
– Eastern Samoa ( now : part of American Samoa)
– USSR ( now : dissolved in 1991, now 15 independent republics)
– British Guyana ( now : Guyana)
– New Hebrides ( now : Vanuatu)
– Netherlands East Indies ( now : Indonesia) These documents are useless for traveling, privacy purposes and asset protection.

African Second passport

With an African second passport one should always be very careful. They are very cheap and very easy to get. But they are useless as travel document and banking passport, and are only fit as content for your dustbin when it comes to a means for privacy and asset protection.