Legal Drinking Age in Mexico

September 22, 2017

As with many other countries, Mexico’s legal drinking age is eighteen years old. This is three years lower than the legal age in the United States which is probably why many college Americans fly to Mexico to have a taste of adult drinks or alcoholic beverages. This is a cause of concern as underage drinking is usually to blame for many incidents of arrest, crimes, and even deaths by and of American citizens vacationing in Cancun and many others travel spots within the country.

Another common issue is that even though the legal age in Mexico for alcohol consumption is 18, it is not strictly implemented. Bars, even stores and restaurants, are allowed to sell liquor 24/7. With this, there is no shortage of places where to purchase the drinks however there are some things to remember. Other than legal drinking age, there are additional rules that people within Mexico must abide by. Those rules are that one must never 1drink inside vehicles or 2drink while in the streets as those actions are considered illegal by the government. Read reviews about fake id before buy online, you can use site like fidreviews.com and read review about idviking.com.

For the two additional rules noted above, Mexico is more lenient to drinking in the streets (as long as you don’t get drunk and draw unnecessary attention by acting drunk in a very obvious way) than with drinking in a vehicle (as this might end up in drinking-and-driving). Driving in Mexico drunk is a serious offense, a crime even. Police and law-enforcers within Mexico are implementing harsher penalties (even including imprisonment) for drunk-drivers. Foreigners do not even receive leniency for this offense, especially if someone gets hurt or dies because of this incident.