desk for a poet

I was asked to design a desk for a poet and her cat.

This task was presented with some requirements: The desk has accommodate hundreds of books/films/vinyl records; it must be easily transported; there needs to be ample space to think. create and store; the desk should capture the feeling of the poet; and most interestingly, it was given a $20 budget.

The resolution was a combination of re-used wooden shipping pallets that were free from a local electrician, a leftover sheet of Birch plywood, and some new hardware.

The pallets were stripped of all their rusted nails and screws, modified, sanded, and given new fasteners then painted. Each set of 3 pallets is bolted together and pre-drilled to accept the Birch top which was stained and sealed.

All 6 pallets were actually made from various pieces of other pallets to begin with - you can see that one is clearly labeled 42x42 when it's actually a 36x36. Due to these irregularities, the Birch top rests on 8 bolts that are height adjustable to draw it taut and level from one side to the other.