Teslin Cards – The Best Choice For Your ID

October 13, 2018

Teslin cards are the best choice for making any kind of IDs, and if you are going to make a fake ID, you just can’t do without them.

These cards are printed digitally on a special core and sandwiched between two layers of durable clear plastic laminate. This special core is a tear resistant and waterproof synthetic material called Teslin. Such amazing features can be explained by the fact that it is not paper actually, but plastic, which, through prints like paper, is much more durable.

Teslin Cards Varieties

Teslin cards are available in Credit Card, IBM or Military size. You can also choose between Laser Teslin, used for Laser printing, and Inkjet Teslin, used for Inkjet Printing. These cards go in special perforated 8 1/2 x 11″ sheets, positioned 2, 4, 6 or 8 to a sheet. Each card is held in the sheet by perforation so that the sheet will pass through the printer. Once the card is printed, it can be easily peeled out of the sheet.

How to Make a Teslin ID Card

You will need:

Teslin ID Card sheets
Butterfly Laminating Pouch

Step 1. Print the card on the perforated Teslin Card Sheets. You can use any printer you choose, just make sure you use the corresponding type of material (laser or inkjet). It is also much more convenient to use the “Photo” setting for the printer, like EspressoID. With its help you’ll spare the trouble of making sure the image is large enough to go over the perforations as it will automatically enlarge the image for this purpose, so that in the end you will have a full bleed card. It is also important that you print both the front and the back side of the sheet, and EspressoID will remind you to re-insert the sheet to print it back.

Step 2. Peel the card out of the sheet. It can be easily done due to micro-perforation.

Step 3. Insert the printed card into a Butterfly Pouch; then place it into a carrier. We advise you to always use a carrier for keeping the laminating rollers clean.

Step 4. Finally laminate the card. Mind, that Laminator should be set at approximately 250°F.

When the process of lamination is finished, you will be the owner of a laminated ID card of high durability and resistance.

Teslin Cards vs. PVC Cards

As Teslin is just gaining its popularity, PVC has a long history of usage and is considered by many to be more familiar and easy to deal with. Which one do you think is better? If you still hesitate to answer, the following list will help you to choose.

Teslin cards go in such a variety of shapes and sizes that there is hardly any standard it doesn’t meet, with the only exception of Visa, Amex and ATM, which specifically require PVC, a standard that dates back to the 1960’s.

If accidentally bent or folded, PVC tends to break, whereas Teslin is far more forgiving. It pops back into shape due to its elasticity as well as elasticity of polyester lamination.

With PVC cards no guarantee is offered, they can be scratched or pulled apart easily. With Teslin cards you’ll get a 10-years guarantee against breakage and delamination.

When manufactured, PVC releases one of the most environmentally damaging and poisonous plastic toxin ever known to man – dioxin. According to the materials taken from Greenpeace web site less than 1% of dioxin is recycled, which makes PVC an environment health disaster. The use of PVC has already been restricted by Danish and Swedish governments. Other countries have started a campaign for eliminating PVC from products. Teslin, on the other hand, is environmental friendly.

So, with all the advantages Teslin cards provide you are sure to make the right choice!
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